Help Kids on Juvenile Probation to Complete their Community Service Hours!
Pick up rubbish on the roadside you adopt every Saturday and sign off on 3-hours of Community Service for the Kid's Court Ordered Hours.
Invite the Kids and their Families to do whatever your Organization does all week after you earn their trust!       | LOGIN |  | OLD SITE |

The All In Service Network!

Be Available on a Saturday! - Adopt a Street as an Organization and use it to help kids complete their Community Service!

Brought to you by NAOLDP!

National Association of Online Legal Document Professionals!  NAOLDP came up with this blueprint to help people help Kids on Juvenile Probation.
If you follow these steps you will have 5-10 Kid's Parents dropping their kids off to do roadside cleanup with your group within a matter of weeks............ enjoy the training videos!
This is a set of training videos to show you how your organization can run a project to help kids!
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